A few of us here at NYCVMS are setting up a Hurricane Sandy relief collection at the swap meet this weekend at Motorgrrl in Brooklyn. I’ve been down in the Rockaways a couple of times since the storm doing cleanup work and it is truly heartbreaking. Helping clear out a stranger’s entire life including photo albums, drawers of undershirts, christmas decorations, and tape collections is one of the hardest things I’ve ever done in my life. I can’t imagine what these people are going through and I count myself supremely lucky that I made it through the storm in the clear.

The little group of us who make up the planning committee for the August show have been working together to do our part in getting money and aid down to the people who need it most. While what’s really needed is able bodies willing to wade through floodwater, we’re also raising money to go 100% directly to victims of the storm. That’s right, *100%* of your money will be spent on things like generators, contractor bags, shovels, batteries, and bleach. Not marketing, not bullshit, just aid.

* Go to NYCVMS and click the paypal button on the top left that says DONATE TO HURRICANE SANDY RELIEF. Enter your donation, nothing is too big or too small, and boom it goes right to us so we can get it to the people who need it most. As of now, most of that aid will be going to the Rockaways because that’s where many of us have friends and family. If any members are doing work in Staten Island, Jersey, or the effected parts of the city and Brooklyn and need cash, let us know. We’ll get it to you

* Come to the swap meet at MotorGrrl on November 10th 12-5pm and throw in to the hat. Checks are fine, cash is better, we might even be able to take cards if the little paypal dongle thingie gets here in time. We’ll have a collection going…assuming you don’t blow all your spending money on that neat set of 4into1 Pipes for sweet cafe CB. I can also help you find volunteer opportunities as well.

* Veggie Island/Rockaway Taco on Beach 96th street and Rockaway Beach Blvd
and The RB Surf Club on Beach 87th and Rockaway Freeway have turned into imprompty volunteer centers. Head down there but bring your own gear like shovels and masks and gloves. The best work is being done by people going house to house and just volunteering to help

* Doctors with the ability to write scripts are in major need down there. If anybody knows any please put them in touch with me!

Jack Drury