Saturday morning found a group of us at the corner of Metropolitan & Wythe to rendevouz with the Backseat Conceptions Film Bus up from Phili, loaded to the brim with tools and donations of all kinds, ready to pick up sleepy eyed volunteers and a ton of hot food ready for distribution in The Rockaways…

…and just a bit of gas for our own Jack Crank who’s been working all week in the  devastated beach community. Good work Jack! And a huge thanks to Backseat Conception Films for loaning us their time and bus!

Meanwhile, around the corner at the Motorgrrl swap meet which was in full swing, with folks buying, selling and rummaging through boxes of spark plugs, curtains of throttle cables and a collection of the wildest gas tanks imaginable (oh, Lucille), the 1951/53 BSA C10/11 project bike donated by JT Stewart sat proudly on display in the center of the garage, set to be auctioned off at 5pm.

At auction’s close, our own Tim Harney took home the BSA. Congrats Tim! Stay tuned for updates on that bike build. Need an idea of where this project could go?…I give you the 1951 Steve McQueen BSA C11!

Steve McQueen’s 1951 BSA C11

In addition, Tim Harney and Dave from E3 motors is building up a separate BSA right now and is donating the sale of that bike directly to the cause. Keep an eye on the E3MC blog for that bike’s updates.

At the end of the day, we are thrilled to report that $1300 were raised by NYCVMS, not to mention about $800 spent on tools already purchased and distributed this week. With the money we have currently, we’re going to buy 2 generators to help set up a more permanent relief HQ in The Rockaways at b96th st.

Still want to help? Great! there’s still a hell of a lot of work to be done! Limited Edition 2012 Full Tilt Show shirts are currently for sale on our Etsy page. $20 each and 100% of proceeds go directly to the NYCVMS FOR HURRICANE RELIEF fund. Get yours HERE!

Again, huge, huge thanks to all that opened their hearts and wallets to help bring a little bit of help and hope to just one of the communities devastated by Hurricane Sandy.

– Corinna


EDIT by Jack:  And don’t forget this little shot of some vinmotoers at work!