Wednesday 2/20: Cine Meccanica screens free vehicular flicks with beer & home cooking ever Wednesday night. King Of The Mountain (1981). 8pm at Lady Jay’s. FREE.

droppedImageThursday 2/21: Loose Screw Seminar (tech workshop): ‘An Introduction to Puttering’ with Armen Armirian. 6:30-9:10pm at Ryders Alley. Information, pricing and link to register HERE. These tech workshops fill up fast. Please check the website for upcoming seminars and tech workshops Loose Screw Seminars.

Saturday 2/23: 3pm – ?. At 47 Industries. 59 2nd ave. (behind somerset spring). Raritan, NJ 08869. 908-526-8865. See below details from Mike…

554560_475813862481158_551072537_nThe 3rd Annual 47 Industries Unfinished Bike Show (AKA- The Raritan Self-Invitational) is February 23, 2013. The “show” starts at 3PM till whenever you leave or whenever I decide you leave (my choice). Good folks hang late, I toss the losers by 9 or so. If you’re a D-bag just stay the fuck home. If you are bringing a bike you need to let me know by email or phone. I don’t get smoke signals or telepathic messages so get it right. If you told me you were coming already I don’t remember, so get back to me. My list starts now. Your bike needs to be an unfinished project bike. It would be nice if it was more than a pile of parts on a towel (Monte-HAHA. Just kidding friend). Unfinished project does not mean you took off your gas tank, it means a real in progress build. There’s no discrimination as to make model style etc. I don’t even care if it sucks as long as you want to show it off. There may be some room for special interest stuff. Last year I welcomed some really nice resto and survivor bikes and will do the same this year but different bikes. Space for this is very limited. Bikes from last year that are still not done are still welcome so long as you have made some progress on them. Any bike that was unfinished last year and is now completely done is welcome back for your 15 minutes of back patting now that you actually saw something through for once in your life so by all means bring those in and go home validated. If you’re displaying a bike you should be here earlier so we can set up. 1-2 pm should be good and you should plan to stay till 7 or 8. If you can’t hang for that long then cruise night might be your scene for showing your bike off. Thats about all there is to it. I was told I should at least offer free beer so I’ve been collecting mismatched half cases and left behind stray cans of suds from parties since last years show and piling them up in the soda machine so don’t go complaining too much if it tastes like crap. Beer in general tastes like crap so get over it, man up and drink it. I might even buy a bag of chips for you guys to split up but don’t count on it. – Mike 47